Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remote Control Trucks Give RC Pleasure to Your Kids, and You, All Year Long

You can enjoy your radio control hobby any time of the year when you create a collection of remote control trucks, and imagineer different projects that involve those trucks in your playtime activities.
The great thing about the variety of RC trucks is that there's a design ready for your use no matter what the weather.
In the spring you'll want sealed trucks that withstand the rain, or seal the truck yourself, and you're ready to splash through puddles on the road.
A regular model pickup truck works well for "family" driving during wet weather conditions. The sport utility style vehicle does a fine job too. Take the family for a Sunday drive around your neighborhood.
For more action set up a mud pit, and test out your monster truck's ability to roar through it without getting stuck. Use RC construction equipment to dig your pit, and dump trucks to haul the dug dirt away. Or build a "mud mountain" to see how well that monster climbs in slippery conditions.
During the summer months, in mostly dry weather, you need no special preparations for vehicle protection. Design your RC layouts for all radio control model trucks. Better yet, involve the kids and grandkids. With their imaginations you'll be surprised at the ideas they present for an RC outing.
Set up a remote control town for regular truck operation. Your fire fighter trucks, car haulers, police trucks, ambulances, semi-trucks, and dump trucks work in the town scenario too.
Build a racetrack, both strip and oval, to speed your remote control racing trucks against each other in competition races and drags.
Pile up sand into mounds for your dune buggy to go hill climbing, and spray sand and dust into the air.
All those summer month activities work for the fall unless you're in the northern states with harsher autumn weather.
Winter weather sometimes means we go back to the sealed vehicles for moisture protection.



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