Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remote Control Monster Trucks For Beginners

Remote controlled monster trucks are a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It makes no difference if you want to just drive them around your yard or get involved in competitive racing, there is an RC monster truck for you. There are many choices of radio controlled monster trucks out there. On this site, you will learn about some of the choices that you have and what they will mean for your r/c monster truck.

Nitro/Gas or Electric Power?
The Nitro/Gas powered trucks are the fastest that you can buy. These machines can travel up to 50 mph! If you are looking for speed or to get involved with r/c monster truck racing, you'll need to go this route. Gas powered engines can be finicky at not want to start at times just like your pesky lawnmower. Gas powered trucks are also more noisy than electric.
Electrical powered trucks are great for beginners that are just becoming involved in the hobby. These trucks are simple to use. Just charge the battery and away you go. They are also quieter than gas powered trucks. What you make up for in ease of use you pay for in speed. If you want these trucks to approach the speed of a gas powered truck you will need expensive motors and batteries.

Scale refers to the size of the vehicle. An example scale would be 1/24. What this means is that the truck is 24 times smaller than the real deal. Therefore, the lower the second number is, the bigger the r/c vehicle is. So a 1/10 scale truck is bigger than a 1/24 scale.

There are many places where you can race your remote controlled monster truck. Use Google to search for club or a group near you that is involved in remote control monster truck racing.


  1. This is great article about remote control car. I'm a big fan to remote control car especially the drift rc model.

  2. Remote control car is great toys for child. I read your post. You share such nice info about remote control monster trucks. Its looks too good and attractive.


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