Saturday, January 23, 2010

RC Trucks - Are They All That?

The hobby world of RC trucks has changed a lot as of late, but it had to start somewhere. Back in the day most RC monster trucks were the stadium style type & rode low to the ground. A nice example of a stadium style RC van is the RC10GT, this is a awesome popular RC van. The problem with the older types of RC trucks is that they were low to the ground & didn't have the clearance for off road terrain. Because of this you - the RC enthusiast shouted for radio control monster trucks, & the companies answered. These days with new technology & innovation remote control trucks are bigger, better & faster then ever.

Blast From The Past

The earlier models of Remote control monster trucks are nothing compared to what you see today. When they first started manufacturing RC trucks they looked like a regular RC automobile but with different customizations (ie: body & tires). Lots of people thought they could take a beating on rough terrain only to find that their precious RC trucks would break as soon as they tried jumps or rock crawling. You must face it, those older RC trucks were meant for smooth ground - not rocks & jumps.

Also when you bought an RC van in the early days you would must assemble the van yourself, these days they have ready to run (RTR) everything! The days of buying an rc automobile kit & building it yourself is over...unless you like that sort of thing of coursework.

Today remote control trucks are in simple terms - absolutely crazy & fun! The RC monster trucks you see today are realistic scale models, & I mean every muffler, window & tire to the detail. Also RC trucks today are a lot faster then there predecessors as they can be powered by nitro/gas & high powered electric motors. Nitro RC trucks are all the anger these days because they are super performance engines that can go up to 60Mph!

Back To The Future

RC nitro trucks are the best & most popular type of remote control van. The engines in RC nitro trucks are super powerful. Most nitroremote control trucks can last around 20 minutes until it needs to be re-fulled again. The advantage of nitro RC trucks over electric RC trucks is that with nitro you fuel up, but with electric you require to charge it.

If you don't have extra battery packs with an electric remote control van then you will require to go home & charge it. Who wants to stop driving the RC van? Not me! Go with an Nitro RC van, because the run time is far better then electric remote control trucks. Don't forget that remote control nitro trucks have a realistic engines, completed with fuel technique, carburetor, fuel lines etc. These parts can get hot so I suggest not touching them or you might get burned.

A lot of the times people can get confused between RC cars & radio control trucks. recall that RC cars are usually meant for flat relatively smooth surfaces, whereas monster trucks are made for off road. Here are some differences between RC cars & trucks.

What is the difference between RC automobile & RC van?

Typically RC cars have a low ground clearance & monster trucks have a high ground clearance, this is obvious. Radio control trucks have great suspensions & RC cars have tight ones. This allows an RC van to have a lot more bounce off jumps without breaking the whole van. Radio control trucks have way bigger tires then RC cars do. RC Cars are a lot faster then Trucks as they have higher gears which allows for some awesome acceleration. As a general rule trucks are much larger in size then RC Cars & weigh more as well. Four last thing to keep in mind is that Radio control trucks are generally more costly then rc cars because they are heavy duty toys.

Radio control trucks are here to stay, the query is, will you be the four driving it, or your friends?


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