Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheap RC Trucks - Better For Every One

Technically these cheap RC trucks are not the container truck type of trucks. They are like buggies. Keep in mind the dune buggy? It was the all terrain, roofless vehicle that you would normally see on beaches in the coursework of the 70s.

Trucker appear to have a great life. They travel from city to city, have their own click of truckers, and eat at truck stops that have immense servings at a great prices. They are hard to enemies and kind to strangers. Perhaps this is why there has been a surge in the sale of RC trucks of all shapes and sizes, the cheap RC trucks.

The RC trucks are a huge improvement on the dune buggies. They are monstrous vehicles. In fact they are vehicles you would never see on the streets of your city. The tires are immense, to give the truck ground clearance for rough terrain.

For example, in case you are going to bring your truck to an uneven surface with mounds, grass, dips and curves, you would need to make positive your RC trucks stays clear of any stone or pebble on the ground. These may cause some destroy to your truck.

Like the RC planes and cars, the cheap RC trucks can be nitro methane fueled or electrically powered. In case you are beginning and plan to buy your first RC truck, I would recommend the basic electric model, then you can graduate to the more powerful gas powered trucks.

The gas powered RC trucks have more power and can get up to 45mph and 40,000 RPM. These trucks also give you the sense and feel of a actual truck race. Now that is lots of excitement from an cheap RC truck!

Your best choice for shopping for an cheap RC truck would be on the net. You could check out the Traxxas truck series models or the Savage Monster trucks. The Traxxas Jato truck model is the best in high speed for RC trucks. It can explode with its power. It's an very powerful block engine that could surprise even the more jaded of truckers.


  1. RC trucks are the complete fun package and this is a best way for full entertainment with whole family.

  2. Thanks for sharing very nice information about cheap RC trucks. I really appreciate your post about cheap RC truck and I absolutely agree with this post like Cheap RC Trucks its Better For Every One.

  3. the electric rc car are also really good. They can be driven at indoor and outdoor raceways which is great for coping with weather. I recommend Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries as they last long and most of them deliver full power until the battery becomes too weak to do full power. That's when the battery is "dead". Your RC car also has increased acceleration and speed with Li-Po batteries. When buying the RC car, don't get a Traxxas as they must be always re-aligned and re-calibrated after about 2 races. I have Team Associated which is really good and they have all sorts of buggies.


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