Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hummer: Every Man's Dream Toy

Boys will be boys...We've heard this cliché so many times but what does this mean actually? There are so many things that can give meaning to this cliché but one thing is for sure: boys love to be wild and to feel the adrenaline rush. Boys are adventurous by nature and there is no denial that boys will always get on something that would feed their hunger for something exciting. Among these things are the love of hummer and other equipment. Just the thought of it would make every man go gaga. This is every man's dream: to own or to at least ride a hummer. But not everyone can get this type of vehicle because it is also expensive.

Thanks to the General Motors which invented the super hummer which makes every man work hard so that he can afford to buy one of the hummer produced by General Motors. The very first Hummer was given the name H1. It was in the year 1992 when this H1 baby was paraded in the market and boy! There were many rich and famous who shell out their hard-earned dollars just to own this luxurious vehicle. These trucks were late handed over to Chrysler up until now. And because of the positive response of the consumers of the H1, the company introduced another line of hummer and they called it H2. This model is more "eye-catching" than the H1. Not only is the appearance more "manly" but as well as its performance. This is a combination of SUV and SUT. After the H2 another line of Hummer came into the market. And this was named the H3. And just as expected this H3 is better and more compact than the H1 and H2. H3 is said to be the dream vehicle for those who want the power of a truck but the appearance or the size of an ordinary car.

Rich or poor, no matter what a guy's financial status in the society, it cannot be denied that men want to own a hummer. If you are like me, who only earns enough to sustain a decent life but couldn't afford to buy a Hummer then why not consider the option of buying a second hand Hummer? Hummer vehicle are famous not only because of its tough look but as well as their excellent performance. You can check out for online stores which sell second hand Hummer and find out online stores that sells accessories or parts of the Hummer.

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