Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hummer - An Introduction

There was for a long time no dealers that sold this automobile that costed 50 000$ at the time and those who wanted to buy two had to go to the factory to do so. The first Hummer sold to a civilian was sold in 1991 to Los angeles Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which only helped to improve the cars macho picture. The civilian model of the Hummer caught the attention of the world and the American consumers during the adventure tour were five Hummers drove from London to Beijing through the rough roads of Russia and the former soviet union.

The Hummer was first developed as military vehicle for the American military by AM General Corporation. The vehicle was than called an HMMWV or Humvee and was a important part of the US military due to its cross country capabilities. AM General Corporation started the work of generating civil version of the humvee during the 80s. Two of the main points in the development was to keep the qualities that made the automobile so lovely for the military in the civil version adding extra comfort.
Hummers have a high ground clearance, double of a standard SUV, to permit them to traverse rough terrain. This means that a hummer can go anywhere. They can go up and down steep hills and can easily climb a 16 inch vertical rock. Hummer cars also have a high tolerance for water and can traverse relatively deep streams. Hummer also features a long row of different functions to permit the driver supreme control regardless of the terrain. An example on two such features is the Central Tire Inflation Method which allows the driver to control the pressure in all 4 tires individually from the driver chair.
General motors later started selling hummers and finally ended up buying the brand name Hummer. The later models of Hummers like the H2 and H3 are developed by GM for civilian consumers and have never needed to live up to the standards that were needed for the first model in the military service. This does not mean that they are bad cars that things like comfort have had a larger influence on the development. The latest model is in fact developed to be a suitable relatives automobile and to work well as a city automobile. The latest model also has more high tech features and more safety features designed for families.
Hummers are today sold with a giant number of accessories and can be customized according to the individual customers require. Examples on such customizations are bullet proof hummers and the today relatively well know hummer.

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